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About You

how many times lost
how many thoughts

your flattering words aren't good for me
I need some rough words to feel the truth
an' maybe it's my honesty or the
thruth that's not good for you

don't say you love me
'cause I can't love you
don't say that you need me
'cause I can't care for you

don't tell me how many times I need
to believe that I love you
yes maybe it's my habit to run away
that's what I actually do

but as long as my feet need to walk
I know I haven't found my heart
how much time will remain how much
have we got, have we

how many times
and how many times
how many thoughts
about you


this could be the oportunity
to fall in love
to leave the lonely days behind
and to lay in your arms

I wish I could dream this dream
but this dream is not mine
couldn't get sleep I could not rest
last night




don't need to try, don't need to try
don't need to try how many times
about you