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When I was stationed in Frankfurt am Main, I was very impressed with Wonderwall as their songs were catchy and fun, along with the three beautiful band members!!! You ladies have an amazing talent, continue to crank out that magical sound you make. Peace and love to Wonderwall!!!

Mr. J

I would be very glad if I could read also old Wondrewall news via this site. Pretty please!


Merry Christmas and happy new year for all!


Link of "English forum" on this front page is broken....


Wonderwall - this is Kati and eLa. They are both in their twenties and come from Cologne, which is in the western part of Germany, famous for its cathedral.

Kati and eLa write their songs as diary entries. They tell, what they have experienced, cover in their songs, what they think. And of course, since their debut album "Witchcraft" Kati and eLa gained a lot of experience, which is reflected in their new songs. "It was an organic process" eLa says. " 'Witchcraft' deals with the dream that we can write our own music and perform it. In 'What Does It Mean' you can see a bit of pride of everything we have achieved during 'Witchcraft' and that we are glad to perform our music on a tour. The songs on 'What does it mean' reflect our experiences over the past years." One of this experiences is, that it is important to do what you want and always be faithful to yourself.

The first single "Witchcraft" was released in May 2001 followed by "Just More" in April 2002. This song entered the German single charts immediately at 9 and went up to number 2, which resulted in gold status for this single - and also for the album "Witchcraft", which rose in the German album charts to 4. In September 2002 this story of success was completed by "In April" and a tour with Ronan Keating. The audience did not just come because of Ronan but also because of Wonderwall, which the band noticed in a delightful way as the whole audience sang the songs with them. Even to top this success, Wonderwall were nominated for the "Echo 2003", the most important German award, in four categories - more than any other band. They won an award in the category "Best New Artist".

In November 2003 the band discovered the sacrifices you have to do for friendship. Because of the fact that they wanted to keep their friendship while having divergent tastes of music, they decided to part and Jule left the band. Nevertheless, eLa and Kati were absolutely sure, that they wanted to go on and make their fans happy with new songs. The single "Song For You" was released and the album "What Does It Mean" entered the German album charts. Wonderwall's first headliner tour followed, which led them to every part of Germany.

In February 2004 the band participated in the German preliminary contest for the "Eurovision Song Contest" with their in this month released single "Silent Tears" and achieved place four out of ten.

As if this would not be enough success, the band were asked by Hans Zimmer, German composer in Hollywood and famous for his music to "Gladiator", to write a song with him for the film "Laura's Star". This movie is based upon the popular books for children by Klaus Baumgart. "Touch The Sky", the title track of this film, was co-written by eLa and Kati and released in September 2004.

translated by Guldan