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When I was stationed in Frankfurt am Main, I was very impressed with Wonderwall as their songs were catchy and fun, along with the three beautiful band members!!! You ladies have an amazing talent, continue to crank out that magical sound you make. Peace and love to Wonderwall!!!

Mr. J

I would be very glad if I could read also old Wondrewall news via this site. Pretty please!


Merry Christmas and happy new year for all!


Link of "English forum" on this front page is broken....


there are also several at as well for nice prices.


Mikkokh, there are several Wonderwall albums listed in


This english page does look good...thanks for doing there a place to learn about the stories of the know..."What Does It Mean?" ;)


This is very interesting site...



Your chance to meet Kati, eLa and many other fans!

There will be quite long Meet&Greet in Cologne on July, 23rd where you can not only meet Kati and eLa but also many other fans. If you can manage to get there until 12.30am you can drop me an email at It'll end after 2 or 3 hours so it's a really big chance for you to meet Kati, eLa and many other fans. Hope to see you there!

eLa and Kati will drop in the chat on Saturday, 26th April, at 4pm. You can also reach the chat using an IRC Client. You can find more information about the chat below.

I just updated the design of this page. I hope you'll like it :)

This page is designed for everyone who is interested in Wonderwall but does not speak German. In the next time this website will be filled with further information for fans, who would love to get to know to Wonderwall. If you'd like to assist me you could write/translate texts about Wonderwall.

Some links you might want to visit


There is also a chat. It is the same chat you can find on Most of the user speak german but it is no problem if you ask something in english. If you know something about IRC you can connect to and join #wonderwall.


You can contact me by email (, using the PM-system at Wonderwall's forum or in the chat.